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Override exported methods for non-Node.js engines.

CoffeeScript = require './coffee-script'
CoffeeScript.require = require

Use standard JavaScript eval to eval code.

CoffeeScript.eval = (code, options = {}) ->
  options.bare ?= on
  eval CoffeeScript.compile code, options

Running code does not provide access to this scope.

CoffeeScript.run = (code, options = {}) ->
  options.bare = on
  Function(CoffeeScript.compile code, options)()

If we're not in a browser environment, we're finished with the public API.

return unless window?

Load a remote script from the current domain via XHR.

CoffeeScript.load = (url, callback) ->
  xhr = new (window.ActiveXObject or XMLHttpRequest)('Microsoft.XMLHTTP')
  xhr.open 'GET', url, true
  xhr.overrideMimeType 'text/plain' if 'overrideMimeType' of xhr
  xhr.onreadystatechange = ->
    if xhr.readyState is 4
      if xhr.status in [0, 200]
        CoffeeScript.run xhr.responseText
        throw new Error "Could not load #{url}"
      callback() if callback
  xhr.send null

Activate CoffeeScript in the browser by having it compile and evaluate all script tags with a content-type of text/coffeescript. This happens on page load.

runScripts = ->
  scripts = document.getElementsByTagName 'script'
  coffees = (s for s in scripts when s.type is 'text/coffeescript')
  index = 0
  length = coffees.length
  do execute = ->
    script = coffees[index++]
    if script?.type is 'text/coffeescript'
      if script.src
        CoffeeScript.load script.src, execute
        CoffeeScript.run script.innerHTML

Listen for window load, both in browsers and in IE.

if window.addEventListener
  addEventListener 'DOMContentLoaded', runScripts, no
  attachEvent 'onload', runScripts